Cheesy-Cheese Garlic Biscuits (Grain-Free Red Lobster Biscuits)

Have you tried my Cheese Biscuits? I have updated the recipe a bit, and I am calling them the “Better than Red Lobster Biscuits!” Oh, and they are still Grain-Free & Low-Carb!! I promise you are going to want to Share this recipe!!

Recipe here!


  1. Tamara Hamilton says

    Ahhmazinly good. Everyone loves these, even those grain eaters. I make them at least once a week. Thanks Melissa

  2. Amy W says

    Just found this website, and these jumped out at me. Plus I had all the ingredients at home, so I made a batch last night and they were wonderful! Thanks so much. What would be the results if you used all almond flour instead of almond plus coconut flour?


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